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    School is not serving anymore. It’s time to look at many exciting alternatives available to us now. The time has come to think critically about the world we wish to create and outgrow the factory model of forced and uninspiring schooling.

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    In these short, inspiring talks, leading lights in the world of Homeschooling, Alternative Education and Self Directed Learning show how family life can naturally flourish as we embrace life and live in creativity and joy.

  • The Future Is Bright

    For too long we have been told we cannot trust ourselves, let alone our children. The world is for children to discover with their endless curiosity and creativity. Learning never stops, life is learning and this should be fun!


Homeschool Clips with Jerry Mintz

Starting to Homeschool? Wherever you are there are solutions!

How to start a Homeschool co op, set up a Democratic Free School, learn with life, children deserved to be treated with respect as individuals, School is over!

With many children suffering scary, painful and exhausting days at school, we must remember change is the only constant. When looking at the school system of today, we have to ask qui bono who benefits? When thinking critically we have to examine the two trains of thought proposed, that children either need to be coerced into learning with rewards and punishments at every stage, or they are innately curious about life and the want to learn everything about the world they inhabit.

I offer a challenge to anyone listening and try to NOT teach a 6 year old something in any given day. Count how many times you hear WHY in one mid-week afternoon!

So then, at age 7, we must be asking WHY would this suddenly change?

Well to take us through exciting learner centered alternatives, today we go back to a great conversation with one of the leading lights in alternative education. Today we hear from Jerry Mintz of Education revolution, who can be found here at Alternative Education Resource Organization

Jerry has set up countless Democratic schools throughout the world and helps families find real alternatives, from starting a Homeschool Resource Centre to setting up a Free School where the Iroquois model of democracy is taken from the Native Americans, where each voice is heard and consensus of the individual, not tyranny of the majority, is the goal.

A fascinating talk with a staunch ally in the quest for giving our children fulfilled and self directed lives.

This clip is for all our listeners, but especially to share with any family still having doubts about starting their Homeschool, even as they around and feel deeply uncomfortable with the increasingly restrictive and controlling environments of today’s public schools.

You can find us over at and listen to all of our previous shows with the leading lights in Creative Homeschooling, Self Directed Learning and Inspired living.

In these short inspiring clips, we offer a glimpse into shared philosophies for all parents wishing to raise healthy, happy and independent young adults.

Please find yourself very welcome,

So please enjoy!




Homeschool Clips with Kerry McDonald

Is Homeschooling better for socialization than school?

Today we answer some common doubts that maybe affecting a family’s belief in starting to Homeschool, a fear of their child integrating into society?

As I continue to show my girls as much of the world as possible, I simply watch in awe at their innate curiosity to continue to ask endless questions of intrigue, to see how things work in reality and gain true understanding. Something so lacking in any traditional school setting.

This can be seen in the magic of numbers found everywhere, how music affects our vibrations and the world around us, the sacredness of geometry and not forgetting our biggest teacher of all, the pure essence of nature…with social interaction at each minute of the day we walk this journey of life.

Our guest today is the perfect Self Directed “Unschooling” advocate, who comes from a polished academic background, having studied at Harvard and been a lover of her K-12 Public school experience.

Today we hear from Kerry McDonald who write regularly at Forbes, NPR, Education Next, FEE, Natural Mother Magazine and The Alliance for Self Directed Education.

Kerry talks about how when she became a mother and was investigating all the options for her child’s learning she remembered in her studies visiting a homeschooling family and realized how much joy and freedom she found there.

All of us already living these adventures with our children, know we spend most of the day outside, community living and learning, and, as Kerry points out see that the real segregation is found in the school environment, where children are separated by age and disconnected entirely to any real world experience.

This clip is for all our listeners, but especially to share with any family still having doubts about starting their Homeschool, even as they around and feel deeply uncomfortable with the increasingly restrictive and controlling environments of today’s public schools.

Kerry’s amazing books covered all things Homeschool can be found here

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Homeschool Clips with Dr Carlo Ricci

How to Create Inspiring Learning Environments

As we continue to move in the direction of liberty we learn valuable lessons when looking at the school system of today and why it has failed us so drastically.

One such lesson is what our guest Dr Carlo Ricci covers in today’s Homeschool Clip and that is the important question of what qualities we should look for when thinking of tutors, mentors and facilitators for our children’s path of learning.

We ask what qualities does it take to create an inspiring and peaceful learning environment?

Dr Ricci is a firm believer that to be a good teacher you must forget everything you have been taught in a faculty of education and tear down the idea of imposed curricula and tests that only lead to fear, anxiety and diminish all learning.

Dr Ricci expands on the idea of creating an authentic learning environment that should be individual for each child and rest in the principles of respect, support and Self Determination.

We are a small team producing the podcast but as we see numbers grow exponentially feel a duty to realize the full potential of this movement into the world embracing Homeschooling and promise to produce more!

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Homeschool Clips with Lainie Liberti

Lainie Liberti talks Worldschooling and Finding Your Tribe

The clip comes from our original talk way back when with Lannie Liberti of Project World School. Lainnie opened my eyes to a world I had until that moment not really heard about, or understood in its full glory, Worldschooling.

If I look into my heart, and a world worth creating - this is where we find the future - the future where free children live - share and inspire - travel freely to meet other inspiring families, other small communities - uncoerced - autonomous and ever inquiring, respectful individuals.

Lainnie is a lifelong learner and left the US to discover her and her son's relationship to the world. What they discovered was something so natural - treating the world as their classroom - the ability to connect with everyone wherever and “finding your tribe who speak from the heart”

Lannine explains beautifully how intentionally living with inspiring caring individuals and families from all walks of life, you learn so much more, the experience becomes rich with thoughts, opinions and ideas-

AS Lainnie calls it = This, the BIG AHA

So please spread these messages of hope as we look to a bright future in these times of fading darkness - And to all those families now joining us please tell a friend and - welcome welcome

Lainie can be found here at





Homeschool Clips with Dr Peter Gray

Dr Peter Gray talks Play, Creativity and Freedom

“Creativity is not something that can be taught, by definition it requires freedom.” Dr Peter Gray is a professor at Boston College and author of Free to Learn

In today’s clip we dive into the waters of creativity with Dr Peter Gray, world renowned for his promotion of incorporating play in all aspects of learning. We see how creativity is what is lacking when the goal of school seems to be testing with little or no time for creativity, a skill so much needed in the automation of today.

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Dr Gray can be found here




Homeschool Clips with Pam Laricchia

Pam Laricchia, Unschooling and Living Joyfully

Today’s clip is taken from a wonderful talk we had with Pam Laricchia (Episode 5) from the must listen Joyfully Unschooling Podcast. Pam lays out in vivid colour how she and her family started their homeschooling adventure when Pam knew of no one Homeschooling at that time.

With her open mind Pam immersing herself in the world of the Unschooling Philosophies and the belief that all children left to follow their own innate curiosity will discover anything they put their mind to.

Pam is a true beckon of light in the Homeschooling world with many years Unschooling her own family and hours of inspiring interviews on her podcast, so please enjoy!




Homeschool Clips with Patrick Farenga

Patrick Farenga, John Holt and Self Directed Learning

As we continue to tread the common ground found in offering children the freedom and respect they deserve, today we have the delight to go back to our talk with Patrick Farenga.

Pat was, and continues to be the right hand man of the grandfather of the Homeschooling and Self Directed Learning movement, the late great John Holt.

Pat tells us of his first encounters and later deep appreciation for John Holt´s true understanding of how children learn (and fail) through following their own innate curiosity and endless creativity. While working with John, Pat was able to appreciate the stark contrast of giving children respect and autonomy to understand the world around as opposed to cramming and regurgitating soon to be forgotten facts for constant tests, or as John Holt named it, “The Charade of Leaning"

This is a real gem of a clip from the podcast as Pat was originally a skeptic of The philosophies of Self Directed Learning until he saw the beautiful simplicity of them working in action!





Homeschool Clips with Dr Ron Paul

Homeschooling will build a more caring, prosperous and peaceful world

Discover the many benefits of Homeschooling, as we go back to a timeless conversation Ep1 with legend of liberty Dr Ron Paul. Dr Paul talks about his unique life as a Doctor, politician & provider of the RPC Homeschool Curriculum. Hear how this will be his furthest reaching and greatest legacy in building a more caring, prosperous and peaceful world.

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Dr Paul’s messages of hope and positivity can be found here

Details of the amazing self taught complete K-12 Ron Paul Curriculum can be found here




Ep30 with Skyler Collins

A major pro of Homeschooling is being creative and considerate

Homeschooling naturally creates peaceful, voluntary family relationships based in mutual considerations and consent. Trust comes from respect.

Homeschooling shouldn’t be a chore! It should not resemble the outdated model of rewards and punishments. It should be a sharing of this journey called life! Homeschooling offers parents and children the chance to grow something new by saying no to the trauma created by strict school environments.

Join Skyler Collins and appreciate his journey of originally following his parents footsteps of an authoritarian parental style with little or no success, to embracing the freedom found in Homeschooling with an emphasis on Self Directed Self Motivated learning!



Ep29 with Crystal Byrd Farmer

Homeschool values sees children for the humans they are!

Self Directed Learning! A lifestyle that allows for your child to know themselves, understand their needs and be seen as a free and powerful individual.

Crystal Byrd Farmer is the founder of Gastonia Freedom School, an Agile Learning Center for pre-K to 8 with and without disabilities in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Crystal takes us through her journey of discovering the Self Directed Learning philosophies when she became friends with a family Unschooling their children. She tells us of the “deschooling” most parents have to go through to appreciate the endless benefits of Self Directed Education and how she uses those to give her students the respect and support they need to blossom.

Let go of the need to control your child’s future, your child right now is not your child in the future. Watch them grow into something you can’t even imagine! Try and see the child for the human that they are, Supporting the whole child instead of meeting some arbitrary standard.”


"It’s not public school, it’s not charter school, it’s not private school. Gastonia Freedom School is an Agile Learning Center that offers real-life education in an environment that encourages creativity and independence. We use self-directed learning to give children the freedom to go their own way!"


Ep28 with Steven Horwich

Yes to Homeschool! You know your child better than any teacher

Steven Horwich quit teaching as he felt 40 kids in a class can never facilitate learning. He now has a Homeschool Curriculum based in honor and respect.

Steven Horwich is an Emmy Award-winning writer/director specializing in theater, with works presented in theaters in Los Angeles, Toronto, Detroit, Tampa, Connecticut, Montana, London, and St. Petersberg.

He has also been a professional educator for over 45 years, having taught at U.S.C., C.S.U.N., for the Los Angeles Unified School District, where he become deeply skeptical about the damaging ways of test driven one size fits all forced schooling.

In 1998, he started creating a comprehensive K-12 homeschool curriculum aimed at the individual student and teaching subjects such as history in a cause and effect time line of events and science where everything can be related. Such a wide ranging and informed conversation today, so please enjoy!


Ep27 with Professor Boyes

A professor asks if universities can survive in their current form?

The distinguished and respected Professor Boyes expands on his views that the school system is the number one issue affecting freedoms today

Professor Boyes takes us through the history the current school model and where it comes from. We ask if there may be more innovative and exciting ways to provide education away from one size fits all. He focuses on the idea of having more choices for parents, resulting in less expensive, more direct, effective and local options for all.

Professor Boyes is the Director of the Center for Economic Liberty at Arizona State University, and is Professor Emeritus of Economics at ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business, the largest public university by enrollment in the U.S.


Ep26 with Martina Tyrell

There are no set rules to raising a family or how children learn

Tired of the daily routine, today's guest Martina Tyrell takes us back to her decision to sell everything and buy a sail boat to set off on a family adventure like no other! We gain valuable insight into how to plan for such an adventure and uncover the joys of being outside most of the day and how learning simply happens all the time wherever you may be!

Whether this somewhat unorthodox lifestyle approach appeals to you or not, we can all take away great inspiration for Martina’s experiences to live an authentic life of creativity and joy!

As the podcast numbers continue to grow, we would love for these inspirational conversations reach as many families as possible.

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Ep25 with Tom Woods

Join us as New York Times bestselling author Tom Woods takes us through the many benefits of Homeschooling, especially the abilities instilled by encouraging independent and self realized research.

Tom Woods gained a bachelor’s from Harvard and Ph.D. from Columbia and is the host of The Tom Woods Show. A great deal of his life’s work can be found at his on line university Liberty Classroom, where the emphasis is self directed learning through studying source documents and gaining an Auto Didactic approach to learning and understanding.

Tom’s message of having faith in your family’s ability to Homeschool shines through in this inspiring talk, with the support found in many Homeschooling groups and the results speaking for themselves.

Don’t listen to fears about taking your kids out of school everybody’s going to be fine, you will be glad you did it! “


Ep24 with Thaddeus Russell

Is school just boring and meaningless drudgery?

Thaddeus Russell is the always thought provoking author of "A Renegade History of The United States". He now dedicates his time to his podcast Unregistered and providing enticing and original courses for the new wave of on line universities, The Renegade University.

With the world of further education is apparent disarray, these are times for great possibilities of how learning can look in the future! Join us as we talk about using technology in a responsible, meaningful and creative way as we can now connect like minded tutors and students unlike any time in the past.

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Ep23 with Zak Slayback

Zak Slayback has spent most of his life looking at the outdated school system and why it simply doesn’t serve anyone’s best interests.

Join us as Zak shares the many more exciting and rewarding options to be successful in today’s world! He breaks down why standardized “one size fits all” model of schooling, written by a far off bureaucrat, can never be real and keep pace with the rapidly changing world we inhabit.

Welcome to the future of Self Directed Learning, to trusting children’s innate curiosity and endless creativity once again, as we outgrow the outdated factory model of forced schooling.

If you would like to help us reach like minded families, perhaps just starting to look for alternatives to school please leave us a 5 star rating and positive review on Itunes, Spotify or wherever you get the show. Cheers!


Ep22 with Carsie Blanton

Discover the benefits of Homeschooling and how managing your own time from a young age will help give you purpose and direction in adult life

Today we enter a world of rolling country, horses, rivers, inspiring house guests, artists and being free to read a library under your favorite tree until your soul is quenched!

Join us as we welcome today’s guest, the internationally acclaimed musician Carsie Blanton. Carsie had such an upbringing growing up in rural Virginia at her parents’ retreat center and shares with us the Homeschooling and particularly Unschooling values that were present in her family, way before the term become as popular as it is today.

Whatever you Homeschooling Self Directed lifestyle may look like, Carsie’s tales of having no time limits on exploration and finding her true passions in life, gave her the space and support to dedicate herself to music and becoming a professional musician at just 21 years old.

Carsie describes her love of Homeschooling and especially the Unschooling philosophy and shares how such skills as managing her own time, being her own boss and never having anybody telling her what to do or when it should be done has helped her endlessly as an entrepreneur self employed artist.


Ep21 with Jeff Collins

When Jeff Collins couldn’t find a school suitable for his daughter he discovered The Sudbury School Model. He was so impressed he started his own school in Woodstock NY!

Jeff takes us through the values and philosophies of The Democractic Sudbury School model, where each student has a voice and decision of how the school runs and how to spend their days. The school has no curriculum, no compulsory classes, no tests and no homework. Instead they promote Trust, Choice, Responsibility and Accomplishment. The model focuses on internal motivation with no coercion to get students inspired and interested in life and the love of learning.


Ep20 with Karen Ricks

"Tomorrow is not promised! Pause,take a deep breath,look at life,work,family,friends. Prioritize what is it that is most important to me, to my family. Live the most authentic life you want to live, the time is now!"

Karen Ricks is a Homeschooling and Worldschooling Legend. A professional chef in 4 continents, Karen left the US to explore the world and traveled to Japan with her husband to pursue his passion of Judo. There, they had their son, Christopher and later set up a Montessori School to help the local community in need after the life shattering tsunami. Many would have retreated, not Karen! She saw the need to help and rose to the occasion.

After establishing the school and living an authentic Japanese life, they left to pursue her passions of cooking and headed for Italy. There she attending culinary school and later hopped across the Adriatic to see what Albania was all about where she has appeared on national television! This is where Karen called in from today and we had this inspiring conversation, so please enjoy and share!

Karen passionately promoting the kitchen as a place to inspire child led learning and discovering the beauties of the people and cultures that inhabit our world at her wonderful resource for all things Homeschooling and Self Directed Learning, Our Kitchen Classroom.


Ep19 with Scott Noelle

Today we welcome the veteran Homeschool author and family coach Scott Noelle. Scott co-founded The Alliance for Self Directed Education and offers creative empowerment strategies that can transform your parenting and all your relationships.

Through Scott's blog and coaching at The Daily Groove, he focuses on four positive pathways to power: Partnership, Authenticity, Trust, and Heart, a way of thinking and responding that creates powerful, joyful, satisfying, enduring connections.


Ep18 with Erica Goldson

Erica Goldson is famously known as the Valedictorian who spoke out about the "one size fits all" outdated school model and whether school can even test for living a happy, meaningful and fulfilled life? Or those much needed qualities in today’s world of co-operation, critical thinking, compassion and empathy?

As Erica, many of us looking back now may feel school was far from ideal often feeling like a task to complete, where our passions and creativity were shunned. Many of us may have missed out on having that crucial time as a forming young mind with the space and encouragement to nurture those special sparks which make our heart sing, which Erica is now discovering and living on the road in Africa.


Ep17 with Ben Hewitt

To help us look at many exciting "less roads traveled" we welcome celebrated author and Homestead creator, Ben Hewitt. Ben is the author of the eye opening and humorous ride “Homegrown” and all the essential guide of celebrating soil and returning to The Good Life “The Nourishing Homestead". Ben knew from the age of 16 he wanted to live a more meaningful life which drew him to the country, where he and his wife found the time and space needed to provide food and adventure for their family and become pillars in their local community. Ben knew they would have to work hard overcoming endless yet rewarding challenges, but at the same time never answering to a boss, learning through living and getting to raise their children surrounded by lessons of the natural world.


Ep16 with Laura Grace Weldon

With many uncertainties facing each and every one of us, it is a real blessing to have a child's eye and take the time to reflect and see the world as it is... full of vivid colour, joy and endless intrigue. One such child's eye joins us this week, Laura Grace Weldon, to ponder this awe. Laura is the author of Free Range Learning and distills to us all the peace found in resting in a heart centered living.


Ep15 with Isaac Morehouse

With half of graduates saying their degree is not relevant to their job, we have to ask is it still worth having one and can timely and applicable work experience be more valuable? Today we welcome the endlessly positive and always inspiring Isaac Morehouse, the CEO of Praxis, a startup apprenticeship program founded in 2003. Praxis has a proven track record with hundreds of students starting careers they enjoy with big and bright futures.


Ep14 with Shauna Reisewitz

Homeschooling Adventure is absolutely essential. This comes in many forms, from setting up a Homeschool co-op, sharing 3 days a week with like minded families, seeking out local experts to provide group workshops, or entering the endless world of passionate tutors on line. Today we welcome Shauna Reisewitz to unpack the myth of high school and how teens and young adults can excel in finding and pursuing their passions.


Ep13 with Cevin Soling

Today we welcome the Director of The War on Kids, Cevin Soling. The 2009 documentary received worldwide acclaim and has been featured on The Colbert Report and TEDx, praised for taking a honest and somber look at today's compulsory school system, which resemble prisons rather than places of learning.


Ep12 with John Wilkerson

One of the biggest advantages of Homeschooling is the ability to learn anything at anytime and most importantly at your own pace, which is something a one size fits all compulsory school system can never manage. Today we discuss all the amazing opportunities of welcoming technology into your Homeschool and address concerns such as screen time boundaries and child safety with John Wilkerson from The Wired Homeschool.


Ep11 with Cassi Clausen

Cassi  is the Founder of The Open School in California and a true advocate of endowing children with a space that over flows with respect. They offer a space that truly acknowledges individual rights and seeing children as powerful, autonomous and endless creative beings they are. Instead of curriculum and classes, children learn through life and democracy. Instead of teachers, they learn from everyone. Miles away from conventional school values of obedience, conformity, and performance, they promote independent thinking, developing relationships, and deep learning, with no teachers, no classes, no curriculum, no tests, and no homework... and it works!!


Ep10 with Connie Allen

Connie Allen, aka the Joyous Family Coach, inspires and guides both young people and the adults who love them to discover, nurture, and express their Inner Brilliance. Connie specializes in helping moms and dads be blown away by their child’s amazingness and by the joy they feel being a parent without all the conflict, stress and worry. She teaches connecting with your child in a mutually nurturing way and the skills to communicate honestly and authentically.


Ep9 with Jerry Mintz

Jerrry Mintz as been a leading voice in the alternative school movement for over 30 years. In addition to his seventeen years as a public and independent alternative school principal and teacher, he has also helped found more than one hundred public and private alternative schools and organizations. He has lectured and consulted in more than twenty-five countries around the world.


Ep8 with Dr Brian Ray

Dr Brian Ray founded the Home Education Research institute in 1990 as a non-profit research organization and is the president. He is a leading international expert with regard to Homeschool research and renowned public speaker and  expert witness in courts. In this expansive talk, we discover how much has changed since Dr Ray dipped his toe into the Homeschooling world nearly thirty years ago, what are the main reasons families choose to Homeschool and the fundamental question of whether far off unknown bureaucrats should have the responsibility of bringing up children, or parents should do. So many great topics covered today!


Ep7 with Dr Carlo Ricci

Professor of Education, author, and founder of the Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning, Dr Carlo Ricci joins us as we discover how he uses nothing he studied in school in his role as a Professor of Education at Nippising University. We also discover how he raises his two daughters, who have had complete autonomy in all their decisions from birth, from their diet, learning direction and decision to attend public school. Dr Ricci is a caring member of the Homeschooling World and with his contribution of many great articles, books and journals on the subject, is a rock to lean on when understanding that kids are naturally curious and endlessly creative in engaging and learning from the world around them.


Ep6 with Lainie Liberti

Lainie Liberti is what I am sure most kids dream of in a mother! Adventurous, inspiring and always curious, Lainie talks to us about her and her son’s decision to leave the US and travel the world. We get to see how their journey unfolded into developing Project World School, which inspires temporary learning communities around the world. With her Ted Talk and podcast, Lainie has prompted many families to look at life as more of an adventure and we are taught there is no goal or test at the end, and this thinking shows us how schooled we are!


Ep5 with Pam Laricchia

In this beautiful talk, we get to know Pam Laricchia, a long-time unschooling mother from Ontario, Canada who hosts a weekly podcast “Exploring Unschooling”. The soothing tones of Pam`s insights take us back to her original fears about taking her kids out of school, to rapidly understanding and embracing the underlying philosophies of unschooling, and how it soon became apparent there is something even more fundamental that lies underneath the learning, and that`s our relationships with our children. Pam is a natural poet and reflects on how “learning isn`t about doing well at school, it`s about engaging with life.” She feels raising her kids at home has provided them with a lifelong love of learning, a deep level of self awareness and confidence in making choices.


Ep4 with Kerry McDonald

In this great conversation, Kerry McDonald, a mother of four unschooled children, a writer for Natural Mother Magazine, Forbes, NPR and Education Next and a Board member at the Alliance for Self-Directed Education, tells us how she first encountered a Homeschooling family and was amazed at the contrast in the children compared to those attending public school in their confidence, articulation and curiosity. We discuss Kerry`s journey from Harvard University, where she obtained a Master's degree in education policy, to becoming a true self-directed learning advocate. We are also excited discuss her new book, "Unschooled" and how Homeschooling is misunderstood and actually cultivates more social interaction and also encourages kids to find and then follow their true calling in life.


Ep3 with Dr Peter Gray

World renowned American educational psychologist (and always recommended as a great place to start any journey into the science behind how kids learn) Dr Peter Gray, who currently occupies the position of research professor of psychology at Boston College, takes a break from his winter skiing and joins us today. Dr Gray offers great insight into the importance of play for any child encountering the world and wishing to make sense of it. We get to understand how the role play had such an important influence in our biological evolution. Dr Gray goes on to enlighten us how the traditional school model is actually playing a major part in a "creativity crisis" we see prevalent in the world today, with students leaving university having no capacity to think for themselves.


Ep2 with Patrick Farenga

When a young, confident Pat Farenga entered the offices of the “father of unschooling”, the late great John Holt, he had no idea of how this man would shape and influence his life. In this great conversation, Pat tells us of his first encounters and later deep appreciation for John Holt´s real understanding of how children learn (and fail) through following their own innate curiosity to understand the world around them free from testing and peer pressures. Pat tells us how he always felt there must be something more than the monotonous public schooling he endured and how parental fears and a lack of patience to let their kids explore are the main reasons stopping us enjoying time with our kids. Great chat, great gentleman!


Episode 1 with Dr Ron Paul

Three time presidential candidate, founder of The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, podcast host and overall legend in his relentless pursuit of peace and broadcasting the message of liberty, Dr Ron Paul joins us today. We reflect on his family upbringing, the benefits of Homeschooling, how the school system has changed over the years and how he feels the conversation of the future of education is the most important one effecting our freedoms. Dr Paul is an amazing speaker and we get a rare glimpse of how he feels his involvement in providing a Homeschooling Curriculum and his passion in promoting The Homeschooling Movement in general, will be his furthest reaching and greatest legacy in changing the intellectual climate.


Welcome One and All

Join millions of like minded families from around the world as we embrace Creative Homeschooling and Child Led Learning.. how you can start or enhance your adventure, giving kids the autonomy and freedom they deserve! No more constant testing, peer pressure or unsafe school environments. Welcome to the future of education, to connecting with local families, to living lives full of creativity and joy.. Cheers!!



July 21, 2024