Cassi Clausen

Cassi Clausen joins us from The Open School in California, where they begin by knowing their students as unique individuals: What are their passions? What motivates them? What creates meaning in their lives? AND don’t seek to change students; knowing how amazing they already are."

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During This Conversation You Will Discover

The Sudbury School model and The Open School facilitates student´s growth by traveling alongside them. They learn by playing, conversing, and pursuing their passions, and they grow in independence, responsibility, and compassion by practicing these things daily and authentically. Children are creative, inquisitive, and curious AND natural entrepreneurs. The school believe that young people won’t be prepared for the real world if they’re raised apart from it. Children develop passions based on what they see. They become interested in adult professions when they see adults passionately engaged in those professions. And they develop a love for the earth by spending time with it. Amazing!

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