Dr Peter Gray

Today´s guest is a gentleman whose name comes up in most conversations about alternatives to school, through his scientific research into how children learn, predominantly through play and co-operation. Today we are talking to the esteemed Dr Peter Gray.

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During This Conversation You Will Discover

One of the most renowned American educational psychologist (and always recommended as a great place to start any journey into the science behind how kids learn) Dr Peter Gray, who currently occupies the position of research professor of psychology at Boston College, takes a break from his winter skiing and joins us today. Dr Gray offers great insight into the importance of play for any child encountering the world and wishing to make sense of it. We get to understand how the role play had such an important influence in our biological evolution. Dr Gray goes on to enlighten us how the traditional school model is actually playing a major part in a "creativity crisis" we see prevalent in the world today, with students leaving university having no capacity to think for themselves.

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