Homeschooling as a way of living free and following your passions

Discover the benefits of Homeschooling and how managing your own time from a young age will help give you purpose and direction in adult life

Today we enter a world of rolling country, horses, rivers, inspiring house guests, artists and being free to read a library under your favorite tree until your soul is quenched!

Join us as we welcome today’s guest, the internationally acclaimed musician Carsie Blanton. Carsie had such an upbringing growing up in rural Virginia at her parents’ retreat center and shares with us the Homeschooling and particularly Unschooling values that were present in her family, way before the term become as popular as it is today.

Whatever you Homeschooling Self Directed lifestyle may look like, Carsie’s tales of having no time limits on exploration and finding her true passions in life, gave her the space and support to dedicate herself to music and becoming a professional musician at just 21 years old.

Carsie describes her love of Homeschooling and especially the Unschooling philosophy and shares how such skills as managing her own time, being her own boss and never having anybody telling her what to do or when it should be done has helped her endlessly as an entrepreneur self employed artist.

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You can find all of Carsie’s music here.. Please enjoy!