Homeschooling Goes Global.. Live, travel, share, learn, be free!

As we all cry for change imagine a world worth creating! Think Worldschooling! Children live free, travel, share and inspire. Let’s ask what we want to create!

The clip comes from Lainie Liberti of Project World School. Lainie opened my eyes to a world I had until that moment not really heard about, or understood in its full glory, Worldschooling.

Lainie is a lifelong learner and left the US to discover her and her son’s relationship to the world. What they discovered was something so natural – treating the world as their classroom – the ability to connect with everyone wherever and “finding your tribe who speak from the heart”

Lainie explains beautifully how intentionally living with inspiring caring individuals and families from all walks of life, you learn so much more, the experience becomes rich with thoughts, opinions and ideas.

AS Lainie calls it = This, the BIG AHA

So please spread these messages of hope as we look to a bright future in these times of fading darkness – And to all those families now joining us please tell a friend and – Welcome Welcome

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We are a small team producing the podcast, but as we see numbers grow exponentially I feel a duty to realize the full potential of this movement into the world embracing Homeschooling and promise to produce more!

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Lainie and Project World School can be found here