Is Homeschooling more socially integrating than school?

Today we answer some common doubts that maybe affecting a family’s belief in starting to Homeschool, a fear of their child integrating into society?

I heard this myself just last week as I continue to show my girls as much of the world as possible, I simply watch in awe at their innate curiosity to continue to ask endless questions of intrigue, to see how things work in reality and gain true understanding. Something so lacking in any traditional school setting.

This can be seen in the magic of numbers found everywhere, how music affects our vibrations and the world around us, the sacredness of geometry and not forgetting our biggest teacher of all, the pure essence of nature…with social interaction at each minute of the day we walk this journey of life.

Our guest today is the perfect Self Directed “Unschooling” advocate, who comes from a polished academic background, having studied at Harvard and been a lover of her K-12 Public school experience.

Today we hear from Kerry McDonald who write regularly at Forbes, NPR, Education Next, Natural Mother Magazine and The Alliance for Self Directed Education.

Kerry talks about how when she became a mother and was investigating all the options for her child’s learning she remembered in her studies visiting a homeschooling family and realized how much joy and freedom she found there.

All of us already living these adventures with our children, know we spend most of the day outside, community living and learning, and, as Kerry points out see that the real segregation is found in the school environment, where children are separated by age and disconnected entirely to any real world experience.

This clip is for all our listeners, but especially to share with any family still having doubts about starting their Homeschool, even as they around and feel deeply uncomfortable with the increasingly restrictive and controlling environments of today’s public schools.

Kerry’s amazing books covered all things Homeschool can be found here

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So please enjoy!