Jeff Collins

Sudbury Schools‭ – ‬Where Life Is the Curriculum
Learn to read without‭ ‬ever‭ ‬being taught.‭ ‬Every student free to choose how they spend their days.‭ ‬No compulsory classes.‭ ‬Each student has a vote.‭ ‬No exams‭! The Sudbury philosophy acknowledges what research shows:‭ ‬people learn best when motivation comes from within rather than from an external source,‭ ‬whether it be parent,‭ ‬teacher or national curriculum.

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During This Conversation You Will Discover

How Jeff made his path into Self Directed Learning and ended up setting up his own Democratic School. We also gain an insight into the history of today´s school system and how Jeff feels in their rigidity they are not able to provide students with the creative and self driven motivation to be adaptable in today´s rapidly changing world.

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