Kerry McDonald

As we continue these journeys into questioning what it is to be free and how easy it is to let children’s natural light shine when left to pursue their interests at their own pace through their own internal motivation, we couldn’t be more gifted to be joined today by someone I read regularly and definitely resonate with. All her writings seem to be so very ripe for the moment and engaging. Kerry McDonald is an amazing guest who deals with the very important issues of today in the world of education.

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During This Conversation You Will Discover

Kerry McDonald, a mom of four unschooled children, tells us how she first encountered a Homeschooling Family and was amazed at the contrast in the children compared to those attending public school in their confidence, articulation and curiosity. We discuss Kerry`s journey from Harvard University, where she obtained a Master's degree in education policy, to becoming a true self-directed learning advocate. We are also excited to discuss her new book, "Unschooled".

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