Live the most authentic life you want to live, the time is now!

“Tomorrow is not promised! Pause,take a deep breath,look at life,work,family,friends. Prioritize what is it that is most important to me, to my family”

Karen Ricks is a Homeschooling and Worldschooling Legend. A professional chef in 4 continents, Karen left the US to explore the world and traveled to Japan with her husband to pursue his passion for Judo. There, they had their son Christopher and later set up a Montessori School to help the local community in need after the life shattering tsunami. Many would have retreated, not Karen! She saw the need to help and rose to the occasion.

After establishing the school and living an authentic Japanese life, they left to pursue her passions of cooking and headed for Italy. There she attending culinary school and later hopped across the Adriatic to see what Albania was all about where she has appeared on national television! This is where Karen called in from today and we had this inspiring conversation, so please enjoy and share!

Karen can be found promoting the kitchen as a place to inspire child led learning and discovering the intricacies and intrigue of the beautiful people and cultures that can be found in our world at her wonderful resource for all things Homeschooling and Self Directed Learning

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