Pam Laricchia, Unschooling and Living Joyfully

“It’s not about doing well at school, it’s about engaging with life!” A quote taken from a wonderful talk we had with Pam from Joyfully Unschooling Podcast

Today’s clip is taken from a wonderful talk we had with Pam Larrichia from the must listen Joyfully Unschooling Podcast. Pam lays out in vivid colour how she and her family started their homeschooling adventure when Pam knew of no one Homeschooling at that time. With her open mind Pam immersing herself in the world of the Unschooling philosophies and the firm belief that all children left to follow their own innate curiosity will discover anything they put their mind to.

Pam is a true beckon of light in the Homeschooling world with many years Unschooling her own family and hours of inspiring interviews on her podcast, so please enjoy!

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