Patrick Farenga

As we continue these talks into Homechooling, Child Led Learning and Liberty we are deeply honored to have with us today a gentleman who has been at the forefront of promoting self directed education for over 3 decades. A gentleman who was the right hand man of the grandfather of The Homeschooling Movement, the late great John Holt. Today we are speaking with Pat Farenga who has helped keep the legacy of John Holt’s deep understanding of how children learn alive through his tireless work on the “Growing Without Schooling” website, a great resource for any family starting this journey.


We´re sorry you missed the talk. Please stay tuned to hear the replays beginning in March!

During This Conversation You Will Discover

How Pat came to appreciate John Holt´s understandings, through witnessing first hand, how amazingly self reliant and endlessly creative children become when left to discover the world through self direction and internal motivation.

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