Starting to Homeschool? Wherever you are there are solutions!

How to start a Homeschool co op, set up a Democratic Free School, learn with life, children deserved to be treated with respect as individuals, School is over!

With many children suffering scary, painful and exhausting days at school, we must remember change is the only constant. When looking at the school system of today, we have to ask cui bono who benefits? When thinking critically we have to examine the two trains of thought proposed, that children either need to be coerced into learning with rewards and punishments at every stage, or they are innately curious about life and the want to learn everything about the world they inhabit.

I offer a challenge to anyone listening and try to not teach a 6 year old something in any given day. Count how many times you hear why in one mid-week afternoon!

So then, at age 7, we must be asking WHY would this suddenly change?

Well to take us through exciting learner centered alternatives, today we go back to a great conversation with one of the leading lights in alternative education. Today we hear from Jerry Mintz of Education revolution, who can be found here at Alternative Education Resource Organization

Jerry has set up countless Democratic schools throughout the world and helps families find real alternatives, from starting a Homeschool Resource Centre to setting up a Free School where the Iroquois model of democracy is taken from the Native American tradition, where each voice is heard and consensus of the individual, not tyranny of the majority, is the goal.

A fascinating talk with a staunch ally in the quest for giving our children fulfilled and self directed lives.

This clip is for all our listeners, but especially to share with any family still having doubts about starting their Homeschool, even as they around and feel deeply uncomfortable with the increasingly restrictive and controlling environments of today’s public schools.

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