What does it take to create an inspiring learning environment?

As we continue to move in the direction of liberty we learn valuable lessons when looking at the school system of today and why it has failed us so drastically.

One such lesson is what our guest Dr Carlo Ricci covers in today’s Homeschool Clip and that is the important question of what qualities we should look for when thinking of tutors, mentors and facilitators for our children’s path of learning.

We ask what qualities does it take to create an inspiring and peaceful learning environment?

Dr Ricci is a firm believer that to be a good teacher you must forget everything you have been taught in a faculty of education and tear down the idea of imposed curricula and tests that only lead to fear, anxiety and diminish all learning.

Dr Ricci expands on the idea of creating an authentic learning environment that should be individual for each child and rest in the principles of respect, support and Self Determination.

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