Could you start your own school? With trust, support yes you can!

What it would take to start your own school? May seem a massive undertaking! Imagine an inspiring space more like home, comfortable with children given respect

Deciding the best choice for our children at any given time in life can be daunting.

For new listeners perhaps Homeschooling is appealing to you but you are interested in more structure. Maybe you are interested in the philosophies of Self Directed Education, where the child is in charge of their learning and their life!

Well today we look at what it would take to start your own school. This may seem a massive undertaking but now is the time for great change! When looking at learning, even in the design of a school, could it not be more like home? Could it not be a more comforting environment to bring out children’s natural brilliance?

Well today we hear from Jeff Collins who set up the Hudson Valley Sudbury school in Woodstock New York. Jeff likes to call the school he and his wife set up a little village, a social construct to understand what it means to live together. Students are not coerced to learn anything and take an active part in making the rules and shaping the direction of the school.

As Jeff envisions, it is about getting these ideas into the mainstream conversation, as we now see a proven track record to spread this message worldwide.

So if you have passions of starting a homeschool co-op, homeschool resource center or even undertaking a bigger project as Jeff has done, it just takes a vision, local support and trust… it’s all possible!

Jeff can be found here at Hudson Valley Sudbury School

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So, here’s to that, and to you for whatever support you can give, it is truly appreciated and honors our ideal of paying it forward, to the next family living free raising Self Directed, Creative and Caring Young Adults, Cheers!